Thursday, February 11, 2016

Growing Up Catholic: Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade Class Photo of September 21, 1959
Girls wore drab Navy blue uniform dresses with white blousesthat had a Peter Pan Collar.
Both were made of a fabric guaranteed to last forever, and to never wrinkle.
There was a school "logo" on the left of the jumper.

Boys wore dark pants with a white or blue shirt and tie.

Once I spied a spider crawling along the classroom floor while we were reciting the rosary during the month of October. In my mind's eye I see a tarantula; but in fact, it was most likely a little, run-of-the-mill spider like you would find in your attic or basement.

I was terrified of spiders, regardless of size, so I prayed that it wouldn't come near me. However, it did. In a fit of terror I jumped from my seat and exited the room. Sister Frances Clare, my teacher, having observed what was going on, pursued me. Finding me sitting right outside the classroom door, she asked me what was going on. She said she had noticed the look on my face before I ran out. I felt too embarrassed to tell the truth, and I was not a good liar, so I said nothing. She didn't like that and ordered me to return to my seat. I did, and that was that.

The desks in our classroom were arranged so that two rows of desks were side-by-side with no aisle in between. This arrangement was conducive to surreptitious communications between us students. I sat next to Ellen Fitzmaurice. The two of us exchanged notes constantly throughout the day. We commented on everything that was happening. Maybe today we would call that "Twittering." We managed to have lots of fun in a very quiet way!

Close up of my friend, Ellen, from above photo.

Close up of me from above photo.

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