Monday, February 22, 2016

Bishop Sheen, Early Televangelist, Preacher

In my childhood our family would gather around the television to watch a popular TV program called "Life Is Worth Living" that featured Fulton J. Sheen, a Catholic preacher.   Because I was young, I didn't understand his talks at their deepest level, but it was clear to me that he was a riveting speaker.  He was a good story-teller and told amusing jokes.  Everyone I knew respected him.  Not only did I see the program at home, but we watched it at family gatherings at Grandma Keller's house.

I think Bishop Sheen could be considered the first televangelist.  The cause for his canonization is in process, and recently he was declared "venerable."

Today I came across this You Tube video of a talk, "The Devil and the Diabolical," given by Bishop Sheen.  It is in color, but the programs I remember were in black and white like the photo above, because we didn't have a color television.

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