Friday, January 22, 2016

Remembering Dad #11: Dad Took Us Places

We did lots of fun things with our dad. The majority of those things had to do with going places. So, I will just list as many of the places I can recall with a few tidbits that I remember, links where possible, and some apropos photos. We went so many places that I will have to subdivide these memories

The Playdium: This was a roller-skating rink and an indoor swimming pool that belonged to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Glenview, IL. Dad took us there often, either to skate or to swim. Fun, fun, fun! After searching the web I’ve concluded the place has closed. I’m sure it was too expensive for a parish to run in this day and age.

The Museum of Science and Industry: We went there VERY often. This was an educational place to visit, and even in my childhood there was some “hands on,” although I wouldn’t call it interactive by today’s standards. Exhibits I remember well and never tired of were a miniature railroad on the main floor, a real coal mine, Yesterday’s Main Street, The Spirit of St. Louis airplane suspended from the ceiling, a human heart large enough to walk through and listen to the sound of the beating, an exhibit of human embryos that depicted uterine development throughout the 9 months of gestation, the Colleen Moore Fairy Castle, and a pendulum that hung from ceiling to floor in one of the stairways. I also liked the basement exhibit of photos of famous people. There was a machine that stamped a quarter (I think) into a museum souvenir.

The Field Museum of Natural History: We went to the “Field” museum often. I loved seeing the dinosaur exhibit in the great hall. Next I enjoyed the Egyptian exhibit, especially the mummies. There was also a display of miniature rooms fully furnished.

The Chicago Historical Society: This is the year of the Lincoln Bicentennial. Did you know that? For me this museum, near Lincoln Park, was not as exciting as the others. However, as I grew older I came to appreciate it more. In the main lobby there was a very large bust of Abraham Lincoln. People rubbed its nose, which, as a result, was very shiny. This is where I learned about the Columbian Exposition and the Great Chicago Fire.

Grotto in Dickeyville, WI: This was a fascinating Catholic shrine that was made out of rocks and pieces of glass. It’s still there apparently. This website has some photos of parts of the shrine. I remember there being more to it. If you’re looking for a very unique place to visit, this is it!

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